We are happy to announce that the film "Friday's Child" produced by OnBuzz had its world premiere at the SXSW film festival which earned Roger Ebert's review of "the best of the bunch". The film then won Best Actor and Best Cinematography at the Shanghai Film Festival!

SOCIAL IMPACT ACCELERATOR: We appreciate the challenges an entrepreneur faces from seed to series B to IPO. We understand how important having a unique drive as well as a unique product are to success. We embrace the entrepreneur and know that the best entrepreneurs surround themselves with the brightest minds. Therefore we also choose to apply these same necessary tenets to create powerful social impact as well by identifying important cultural issues and creating movies to movement with best-in-class teams.

Our team takes pride in partnering with onbuzz media's efforts to educate our culture about the foster care crisis and other important issues in america today through a technique called "Movie to Movement". Please inquire with a visit to Onbuzz's social impact website to learn more about how you can partner with Onbuzz to sponsor a showing of the upcoming film  "Friday's Child" starring acclaimed actor Tye Sheridan (Lead role in Spielberg's "Ready Player One") that addresses foster care in a powerful story that is sure to make a positive cultural impact.

OnBuzz is an end-to-end film financing, production, distribution and marketing firm focused on responsible filmmaking that not only creates cultural impact,value, and awareness but calls to action... while creating a valuable, sustainable, and profitable business.