Our technology holdings focus on UAV systems


Colin Guinn started DJI NA and grew the firm to be the largest drone company in the world and grew revenue to over $1B USD. He has advised SpaceX & Google and other pioneering tech companies on the most promising emerging UAV, UAS, drone and robotics technologies. We invest together in the space as GCV.



Real Estate focus: Austin and Aspen-Vail, CO

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AngelView in Twin Lakes, CO


Experience "True Colorado" at AngelView today. 12 exclusive homesites are available on the tallest peak in Colorado and overlooking the largest glacier fed lakes in Colorado. See the video HERE


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Making a Difference with a Social Impact Accelerator

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We are passionate about making a difference and we have partnered with OnBuzz, a social impact focused film production studio and media technology company, to create the iCan Social Impact Accelerator. Click HERE to learn more about how you can be a part of making our culture better for the people in it.