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Colorado - Development
AngelView Opportunity Zone mtn residential
Twin Lakes, CO

Texas - Development
Multi-family / Mixed
Austin, TX with CNL

Texas - Development
Austin, TX with Capital Construction Company


GuinnCovert Ventures VC
Austin, TX

Prime Movers Lab VC
Physics powered start-ups
New York, NY


Land Services
Ft Worth, TX

Lighthouse Resources
Focused on Utica mineral assets

SouthBend Resources Focused on Delaware basin vertical drilling


OnBuzz Digital
Social impact film production and media technology
Austin, TX

Ticket to Dream Foundation

Foster care focused foundation working with 250 non-profits

Real Estate

AngelView in Twin Lakes, CO

Opportunity Zone Development

COLORADO - AngelView in Twin Lakes is a mountain resort community in an Opportunity Zone and nestled at the base of the tallest peak in Colorado with spectacular views of the largest glacier fed lakes in Colorado below. Conveniently located equidistant to Aspen and Vail in the village of Twin Lakes, AngelView offers unique luxury mountain homesites to be developed, designed, and built, by some of the world’s most respected architects and builders. Fly-in to Buena Vista (Accommodates Gulfstream aircraft) or Leadville and be in AngleView in minutes for a tour.


SPOTLIGHT: Architectural and Planning Partner POSS

AngelView has benefitted greatly from a strong advisory relationship with Poss. The team at Poss Architecture + Planning and Interior Design has been delivering quality design, and professional service to its clients for 40 years. The firm’s principals collectively possess more than 100 years of experience in all phases of architecture, planning and interior design.


Venture Capital


Prime Movers Lab invests in physics-powered startups founded by Prime Movers, the achievers who serve as engines for human progress and prosperity, reshaping the foundations of energy, transportation, and infrastructure.




GuinnCovert Ventures’ Managing Partner, Colin Guinn, was CEO of DJI NA the world’s largest drone company and pioneered an entire multi-billion dollar industry. We believe in the expansive power of hardware and software working together to facilitate global efficiencies in infrastructure, from tech impacting inspection in remote and underwater areas to agriculture on the world’s plains to the future generations of smart cities that form our urban centers.   We manage early stage investments that form an ecosystem for breakthrough change that will lead to a new future of infrastructure.




Our Founder, Larry Covert, was CEO of a subsidiary NYSE traded E&P firm with a $3B enterprise value from 2011-2013.

Today, we focus on emerging traditional energy technologies, as well as operating infill vertical drilling and mineral and royalty acquisition opportunities.

We are currently drilling in one of the most prolific basins in the United States, the Delaware Basin.



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Our team takes pride in partnering with two organizations: The Ticket to Dream Foundation and Onbuzz’ efforts to educate our culture about the foster care crisis and other important issues in America today through a technique called "Movie to Movement".

We have partnered with the 501c3 called Ticket to Dream to help expose the plight of foster youth. Ticket to Dream funds over 200+ foster care focused relief and educational programs around the country, reaches 170k foster youth, and services all 50 states. We will be arranging dinner meetings coast-to-coast with Ticket to Dream executives and family offices in 2019 so look for an invitation soon! Ticket to Dream has helped so many children over the past 10 years and they continue to be great stewards of the effort. Looking forward to introducing you to them.

There are opportunities to sponsor a showing of the upcoming film  "Friday's Child" starring acclaimed actor Tye Sheridan (Lead role in Spielberg's "Ready Player One") that addresses foster care in a powerful story that is sure to make a positive cultural impact.

We are happy to announce that the film "Friday's Child" produced by OnBuzz had its world premiere at the SXSW film festival which earned’s review of the film as "the best of the bunch". The film then won Best Actor and Best Cinematography at the Shanghai Film Festival!

OnBuzz is an end-to-end film financing, production, distribution and marketing firm focused on responsible filmmaking that not only creates cultural impact,value, and awareness but calls to action... while creating a valuable, sustainable, and profitable business.